Worst MLB Contract for Next Season

MLB teams are preparing for the new season by signing up new players. The current ones are also getting contract extensions to stay with their teams longer. As the season nears, some signings will not be of great use to the team. Looking at the previous form of players, there are some who deserved to be released so that the team can manage the wages as well as keep those young players who are more promising to bring something new to the squads. Fans are delighted to see the new Championship Series kickoff, and they expect a lot of memorable events as the fixtures begin.

Let’s have a look at some contracts which teams are going to regret this season. Here are some players who flopped in the last series and still got contract renewals.

Adam Wainwright
The 35-year old pitcher plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is a phenomenal pitcher who has been of great help to the club for the past years. However, he is already looking old, and his pace of the game has reduced with a big margin. Though there was a slight improvement in general performance last season, he is still not performing like other top players. He has a contract worth $19. Million which is a burden to his club. Despite the performance, he is expected to play some games.

Homer Bailey
The Cincinnati Reds pitcher has been outstanding over the period he has played for this side. In the last two seasons, he has only managed to make eight appearances for his side. He has suffered a recurring elbow injury which has affected his form. The club signed a massive contract back in 2014 which is worth $105 million. The 30-year-old is a major concern to the team which is paying very high dues and wages, yet he will not be actively involved in many games.

Shin-Soo Choo
Shin-Soo plays for the Texas Rangers. He signed a seven-year contract worth $130 million before the 2014 season. He has few years left on his contract, and his wages are very high. He has managed to get an average of 107 games per year. Last season, he had some injuries which kept him off the pitch for many games. The club is concerned about the future of this signing who is going to increase the wages.

Matt Cain
Matt Cain is a pitcher for The San Francisco Giants. He signed a deal worth $127 million back in 2012. He has a great first season, and many saw him as the future player who would take the team to high levels. Since then, things have not looked quite well for him because his form has been declining season after season. With only 17 starts in 2016 and $21 million release clause, the Giants still have a big burden on their side. There are plans to sell the player at $7.5 at the end of 2018.

David Wright
David Wright is one player in the league who has been ravaged by injuries in the recent years. He plays for New York Mets and is set to make $ 20 million over the remaining period of his contract. Despite his age, he has been useful to the side. A decline in his playing form has been contributed by lots of injuries over the years. His recent spine injury is threatening his career with fears that he might not be able to play another season. Despite the threat, the team has deiced to keep him for the coming season.

Jayson Werth
Jayson signed a mega contract of $122.5 million back is 2011. The 38-year old has one year left on his deal, and he is just a part-time player to the side. His skills have diminished, and there is nothing much to offer to the team.