Most Popular Sports In Scotland

*A Glance at Popular Sports in Scotland:

Sports have captivated the interest of so many people for decades. It seems in American that football, basketball and soccer take the lead as far as popular sports are concerned. European countries also enjoy sports.

One of the most popular sports in Scotland is golf. Golf has a long and colorful history that goes back as far as the 15th century. There are over 500 golf courses throughout Scotland. Golf in Scotland is considered a popular pass time.

Municipal golf courses in Scotland are quite common. Courses of this nature do charge a small fee for anyone wishing to play golf. In 2014, Scotland hosted one of the largest golf tournaments. The 2014 event “Rider Cup” drew large crowds and the tournament became one of Scotland’s largest and most memorable sporting events.

Aside from golf, cycling is a very popular sport in Scotland. Cycling is an interesting and exciting sport which also seems to captivate the interest of locals and travelers. Cycling tournaments take place each year in Scotland. Athletes compete for trophies and other prizes. In addition, in most cases any monies earned from cycling events are all donated to charitable causes.

It can take several weeks even months to prepare yourself for a cycling tournament. You must be deemed fit and able to participate in an event of this kind. Cycling certainly keeps one in shape however, you must first be in shape in order to participate. Next to golf Cycling is the second most popular sporting event in Scotland.

Cross Country running is considered a very traditional Scottish sport. Cross Country running in Scotland has a long and colorful history. About 50 major Cross Country sporting events occur each year in Scotland. The event is highly publicized in Scotland.

Cross Country running can be fun and exciting. However, one must keep in mind that you must be in proper shape to participate in an Cross Country running tournament or event. participants prepare for months in advance before a major Cross Country Tournament takes place.

*Hammer Throwing for Men & Women:

Believe it or not, Hammer throwing is a very popular sport among both men and women in Scotland. Hammer Throwing is within the top 5 most popular sports in Europe. Hammer throwing requires a special skill and a great deal of discipline.

Hammer throwing in Scotland is grouped within the same area as Track and Field competitions. hammer Throw is one of Scotland’s oldest Olympic type games. Hammer Throw originated in the 15 century.

The men’s hammer that is used in Hammer Throw competitions weights about 15 pounds. The women’s hammer is about half the weight about 7.5 pounds. The main objective when Hammer Throwing is to focus on speed control. Focusing on speed control enables one to throw a greater distance.

There is a special skill involved in Hammer Throwing. The throwing motion involved in hammer Throw involves two steady swings from a set position. It is important to avoid movement while throwing is taking place with this sport.

As with other sports in Scotland, Hammer Throw events and tournaments occur each year. Gold Trophies, silver plaques and other prizes are awarded during a Hammer Throw Tournament. Any money raised during a Tournament is donated to charitable causes.

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